09 Feb 2017 11:22 AM +00:00 UTC

Stranger Things Barb Migrates to Riverdale in New Photo

Barb lives! Well, at least in a different series.

While Matt and Ross Duffer weren't expecting Stranger Things to kick off so well on Netflix, they also weren't expecting Shannon Purser's Barb to gather such a strong following from fans of their their 80's montage science fiction series.

Plump and quiet, though Barb served as Nancy's (Natalia Dyer) voice of reason, she was a character that such a minor and neglected role. Trying to protect Nancy from harm, Barb became one of the first victims of the Demogorgon, and no one really noticed until she was long gone. Now, while fans continue to seek "Justice for Barb" it seems like Purser has moved on to another series which hopefully keep her alive and treat her a little better.


According to a report by CBR, Purser is making her debut in the Third episode of Riverdale, The CW's newest teen thriller inspired by Archie comics. Purser is playing the part of Ethel, Jug Head's love interest in the comics and a new photo from the network shows her sporting a new look for the role in The CW series.

Based on the image, it seems like Riverdale is treating Stranger Things former Barb pretty well. It's great to see how Purser managed to ride the wave of her popularity in the Netflix series to move on to other big television projects. Let's hope Riverdale keeps her alive longer than Stranger Things.

Purser debuts in Riverdale's third episode Chapter Three: Body Double today, February 9 on The CW.

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