Stranger Things 2: More Details On Sean Astin's Character

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The second season of Stranger Things looks to introduce a whole bunch of new cast members, and one of them is Lord of the Rings' Sean Astin. Show creators the Duffer Brothers talked to Variety about Astin's role, and it turns out, they liked him so much that his character got more attention than they initially anticipated.

In the interview, they reveal:


"He's a manager at Radioshack, and he's dating Joyce (Winona Ryder). He's a sweet guy. I think Sean, more than anyone else that came in this season, completely shaped this character. It was probably, on the page, the least interesting, and not specifically meant to be as important of a role as it ended up being. What he brought to the performance completely elevated it and inspired us as we wrote. We were able to evolve his character as we we went along, and he just ended up being so great."

Astin's character is apparently named Bob, and considering that Mr. Byers was such a jerk in the first season, Joyce must really see something special in Bob to want to date him; must be his never-ending loyalty and unwavering resistance to the One Ring.

Weird thing is, I thought the next season would delve into a potential romance between Chief Jim Hopper and Joyce. Guess that was the obvious direction, and the Duffer Brothers are always making sure to keep things ‘unexpected' with the show.

Stranger Things season 2 comes out this Halloween.


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