Stranger Things 2: Getting 'Thriller' For The Trailer Was A Huge Challenge

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Probably one of the greatest things about the latest trailer for Stranger Things 2 was the inclusion of Michael Jackson's Thriller. The song was absolutely perfect because it captures the nostalgia for the 80s as well as the horror element of the show. What we didn't know was that it was one hell of a chore to get the song for the trailer.

Talking to io9, EP Shawn Levy explains:

"It was the hardest thing I've ever had to pull off as a producer. We were rejected repeatedly. For months. A month ago, it was over. And we had another trailer that was being shipped to San Diego. And it did not have that song. The [Duffer] brothers and I would watch it and it just really ate away at us because we knew it was a great trailer, but with Thriller… it's next level."

The good thing is, Levy tried his best to push for the song in the trailer, and Vincent Price's creepy monologue sent everyone cheering at Hall H when it came out in the trailer.

With Stranger Things being a tribute to classic 80s adventure movies, a lot of fans definitely loved the inclusion of Thriller to the trailer. Though I would have been excited enough with just seeing the characters come back, it was just a stroke of pure genius to have Michael Jackson's hit song included—getting everyone absolutely hyped for the release.

Stranger Things season 2 hits Netflix on Oct. 27.

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