Steven Spielberg's West Side Story Puts Out Casting Call

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Along with the news that Indiana Jones 5 was going to start shooting next year, we also got a reveal that Steven Spielberg wanted to start working on a West Side Story reboot. It looks like things are going faster than expected since casting calls just went out for the movie this week.

According to Broadway World, casting director Cindy Tolan has started looking for people to play the leads Maria (age 18-20), Tony (18­­–23), Sharks gang leader Bernardo (20–24), and his girlfriend Anita (20–24); there's no mention of Jets gang leader (and Tony's best friend) Riff, though.


All the actors are expected to be able to sing and dance, and the anyone playing a Latino character (Maria, Bernardo, Anita), must be able to speak Spanish.

Personally, I'm actually looking forward to this movie more than Indy 5. I thought the original film was great, and I would like to see an updated version. I'm just crossing my fingers that Spielberg chooses to keep the dancing and style closer to the 60s as compared to "updating" the story and putting the teens in the 2000s. I think we already have enough romance/hip-hop dance films with movies like Bring it On or the Step-Up franchise.

No release date has been announced for the West Side Story reboot, but we'll probably hear something within the year.


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