Steppenwolf Actor Ciaran Hinds Also Disappointed With Justice League's Theatrical Cut

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Out of all the things that fell flat for Justice League, one of the biggest was the main villain Steppenwolf. The character had been shunned for coming out too generic, and actor Ciaran Hinds has expressed that he himself was not happy with what we got in theaters.

Attending a fan event with the rest of the cast, Hinds had expressed (via ComicBookMovie) that he wasn't pleased with the final cut of the film, and wants WB to release Snyder's cut as well. Based on clashing sources of the existence/non-existence of Snyder's version of Justice League, we'll just have to wait and see when the home release is announced.

Based on reports, it was said that Steppenwolf was to have a more personal story that was cut from the film. The character's actual mother was supposed to be in the essence of the mother boxes —hence him referring to them as "mother"— and he was supposed to meet a more tragic end by the end of the film in the hands of Darkseid.


The way Steppenwolf was cut in the final movie, he just ended up another CGI villain for the heroes to punch. The hype may be dying down a bit now, but a lot of fans are still passionate about getting a Snyder cut from Warner Bros.

Maybe we'll get an update when Justice League is announced for home video in a few months.

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