State of Play for The Last of Us Part II Gives Us New Gameplay Footage

The Last of Us Part II is finally going to release next month, and as promotion, PlayStation had featured the game in the latest episode of State of Play. What's great is, we get an in-depth look at the new mechanics of the game, plus we have 8 minutes of new gameplay footage.

Check it out:

Over the course of this nearly 25 minute episode, Neil Druckmann, Director of The Last of Us Part II, will provide an extensive look at the gameplay, threats, and world of the game ahead of its release on 19th June on PS4. To cap it all off, he'll introduce a never-before-seen extended gameplay sequence to close out the show.

As you can see, a lot of the game still looks and feels like the original Last of Us, but there are some new elements introduced to differentiate Ellie from Joel. For one, Ellie is considered more agile, so she can actually traverse terrain a lot more differently than Joel can in the first game. What's more, she's finally learned how to swim.

Players will also be given a new weapons upgrade system, and you'll also get a chance to use a horse to explore the larger world of the sequel.

Besides that, we get some new enemies that come in both human and infected forms. The infected gets some new monsters in their ranks, with some of them being teased but not revealed. As for humans, we get two different types of militia groups, and they both have different ways of getting under Ellie's skin.

While the leaks are going all around the internet, Naughty Dog has been trying their best to keep the narrative a secret. Good thing for fans because they wouldn't have to wait that long anymore till the game comes out.

Catch The Last of Us Part II when it launches on June 19.

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