Startling New Ghost in The Shell Super Bowl Footage Released

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It looks like Paramount Pictures just couldn't wait for this weekend's Super Bowl to release their new promo spot for the controversial and highly anticipated live-action film adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.

Earlier this week reports started coming in to reveal which studios would feature trailers and television spots at the National Football League's (NFL) championship game this weekend, and one of the studios named was Paramount. With plans to release trailers for Transformers: The Last Knght and Ghost in the Shell during game day on Sunday, February 5, many fans were excitedly anticipating the NFL Superbowl.


However, it seems like Paramount has decided to get ahead of themselves and release the new Ghost in the Shell clip days ahead of the actual game. Check the film's new trailer down here:

Running at 30 seconds, the new Ghost in the Shell promo features a mix of footage that we've previously seen andclips that we've never been seen before, reiterating how the life Scarlett Johannsson's Major Kusanagi wasn't "saved" but instead "stolen."

Though the new clip is pretty short, it makes a good impression on fans with The Major's face coming off in the last portions of the video.

Ghost in the Shell premieres on the big screen on March 31 this year.

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