Star Wars: Watch Mark Hamill's Emotional Last Day on the Millennium Falcon

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There are a lot of moments in Star Wars: The Last Jedi that fans consider emotional, and one of them is definitely the death of Luke Skywalker. Disney has released this clip of Mark Hamill's last day on the Millennium Falcon set, and even he got emotional as well.


Hamill also had this to say about the clip:

The Falcon recreation was stunning! Every detail was exactly as I remembered it: the oil drips, dents, even the smell brought it all back to life. Nearly lost it when I saw Han's dice still hanging in the cockpit, but Millie seemed unimpressed.

Though we may have said goodbye to Luke Skywalker, a lot of fans are hopeful that Luke can still come back in the last movie in the form of a Force Ghost. With Carrie Fisher gone and Han Solo's character officially dead, the only Legacy character that will be able to show up in Episode IX will be Luke.

Though it had been years since Hamill played Luke, I thought his return to the character came out incredibly natural. Sure a lot of fans may be disappointed that Luke had become a sad old hermit, but I thought the character's direction was definitely interesting. Besides, it's not Luke's story anymore—it's Rey's.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available on digital, and will hit Blu-Ray on March 27.

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