Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire Trailer From E3 2015

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In addition to theStar Wars: Battlefront gameplay trailer we shared earlier, we got another Star Wars game to share with you from this year's E3. EA Games has released the trailer for the free expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic called Knights of the Fallen Empire. The cinematic trailer looks compelling; it almost reminds me of the twin brothers from Breaking Bad for obvious reasons, and seeing them duel with yellow lightsabers look so badass. 

The CG trailer was made by Blur, the same studio responsbile for The Old Republic's previous animated cinematics. 

The expansion raises the level cap to 65, and it also includes a Level 60 character so players can "immediately jump into the new story-driven content." 

Check out these details from the game's official website: 

Step into an epic story-driven adventure as your character becomes The Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. A third faction threatens the galaxy as we know it, and your choices will determine the fate of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Knights of the Fallen Empire includes the first nine chapters, fueled by BioWare-style cinematic storytelling, that kicks off a new player-driven story arc that puts you at the center of a conflict where your choices have impact on outcomes including unexpected twists and betrayals. Choose your path…join or betray companions, old and new…and shape the future of the entire galaxy as well as your own. Best of all, this is only the beginning…

Knights of the Fallen Empire will be available to all subscribers on October 27. 


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