Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer Details Leaked

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We've seen next to nothing from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but rumors about the film have been circulating the webs, and that's especially true in recent weeks as we get closer to the release of the first teaser trailer, which will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this April.

Now, YouTuber Mike Zeroh, has released a new video discussing a rumoured details of the film's first trailer. The rumor came from 4Chan, a source I wouldn't consider reliable but who knows? Remember to take his scoop on the trailer with a grain of salt since Zeroh has been wrong in the past, but he also made some correct predictions. According to Zeroh, The Last Jedi trailer will follow the footsteps of the first The Force Awakens teaser in that it'll open with Finn (John Boyega), but this time around, he's in a different location. The folks at /Film broke down the details, which you can read below:

Finn appears in a stir, breathing heavily, waking up in a medical bay, which is where we left him at the end of The Force Awakens. We don't know if this is a fake description or not, but that would be a cool way to start this first teaser..
From there, we get a shot of Poe Dameron coming through a sliding door on a ship, saying something along the lines of, "They're almost here." The room supposedly shakes and the Rebel pilot looks concerned. This is followed by a completely different scene of a funeral procession walking through a huge city before a character in dark clothing draws a blaster and fires it at someone in the procession.
Then Poe is seen with Finn and the Rebel character played by Kelly Marie Tran, and they're all dressed like First Order officers. This lines up with rumors we heard previously, which could either be because the description is accurate, or because they took cues from other rumors online and used them to put together this trailer description.
Another shot features Captain Phasma leading a group of Stormtroopers, with the description adding that they look a little different, but also admitting that could be a misconception. Phasma tells the Troopers to "Find them," and it appears to take place in the same city of the funeral processions. Stormtroopers fire all over, causing commotion all over.
There's shot of General Leia who says "Their shadow is growing," followed by a shot of Supreme Leader Snoke stepping out of the darkness. This supposedly isn't a visual effect, but a practical one, with the character standing 8 feet tall, towering over General Hux who can't bring himself to make eye contact with him. Snoke asks, "Is he alive?" to which Hux answers, "Barely." Snoke responds, "Good. The time has come for a family reunion." The description says this is a paraphrase, but this is the gist of the line.
Finn barges into a meeting that Leia and her advisers are having and says, "They're back," with the General being not surprised by this revelation. Finn reacts and says, "You knew," with Leia saying, "I felt it." Then the Millennium Falcon flies out from waves into the sky, followed by TIE Fighters flying through space.
Finally, a Stormtrooper runs out of an alley in the aforementioned city, with several others following him afterwards. They meet Captain Phasma, to which one of the troopers says, "It's the Jedi." Phasma stays while the other troopers run. A lightsaber ignition is heard, a blue light reflects off of Phasma's helmet. The trailer cuts black and Luke says, "Everything will die with us."

The absence of Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in Zeroh's scoop is just strange. It's hard to imagine Disney not to include them in the first teaser. Perhaps, the company is just saving them in the next trailer, but I think it's still odd that they're not mentioned here. None of these details have been confirmed yet but I expect that we'll find out before Star Wars Celebration even begins on April.

What do you think about this Star Wars: The Last Jedi rumor? Do you think the details here will end up being in the first trailer?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to release in theaters on December 15, 2017.

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