03 Jul 2017 2:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars The Last Jedi: No New Trailer At SDCC But We Could Get BTS Sizzle Reel At D23

It's a bummer that we won't be getting any Star Wars panels at the San Diego Comic-Con this year, but we might be getting a behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi this month at D23.

According to Collider's Steven Weintraub:

It's weird that we'll be getting a BTS look before a new trailer, but I'm sure that the video will still get us excited for the movie. If I'm being totally honest, I was hoping we got our first look at the Han Solo movie this month. Then again, Disney may want to have all the focus on Star Wars: The Last Jedi for now.

Based on the stats alone, a lot more people were excited at the announcement of Force Awakens compared to The Last Jedi. I'm guessing because Force Awakens had a lot more intrigue and mystery surrounding it compared to TLJ. With the Last Jedi teaser, we actually know who all the characters featured are already. Perhaps the next teaser can introduce us to the new characters of Laura Dern and Benecio del Toro.

Just for kicks, here's the sizzle reel for The Force Awakens:


Expect a lot of big reveals this July with D23 starting on July 14 and SDCC 17 kicking in on July 20. Besides Star Wars, we also have some big Marvel and DC movie announcements to look forward to. Expect some new looks at Justice League or maybe Avengers: Infinity War.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out Dec. 15.

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