Star Wars The Last Jedi: Musicologist Suggests The Score Is A Clue To Kylo Ren's Future

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Like every other Star Wars movie before it, The Last Jedi is being subject to countless analyses and breakdowns online, with fans endlessly debating ant Easter eggs and clues that they might have missed. Tufts University Musicologist Frank Lehman, however, believes that he's spotted a little hint of what's to come thanks to the movie's musical score.

Talking to Elite Daily, Lehman explains:

"We get hints at a possible future for [Kylo's] theme, at least, in the very final scene where he's marching triumphantly through the evacuated rebel base…it just ends up sounding very pompous and full of itself."

Lehman also goes on to explain that there are three distinct leitmotifs for Kylo in the film, but in the end, it all falls flat compared to Vader's Imperial March:

"The most prominent of them is this defending, growling fanfare, which is over the top in its villainy. It's almost like it's overcompensating for his lack of confidence in himself… It can't quite match up to his predecessor's music….It will never quite manage the grand malevolence and memorability of the Imperial March no longer how hard it strains."

Just like his grandfather, Kylo was able to overcome his master and dispatch him on his own. The twist is, instead of turning to the light like Vader did, Kylo actually chose to stay with the First Order—now with himself as the Supreme Leader.

I don't know how intricate the bureaucracy of the First Order is, but I have a feeling Kylo is just seizing power with sheer raw strength. It could all fall apart by the time Episode IX comes to an end.

For now, we can catch Kylo's rise to power in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, currently in theaters.

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