Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Now The Tenth Highest Grossing Film Of All Time

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It looks like Star Wars: The Last Jedi has managed to pull its way up to the list of the top ten most highest grossing films of all time.

Lucasfilm's newest sequel trilogy installment has only been in cinemas for about 31 days, but it seems like the film's managed to accumulate $1.264 billion at the global box office, creeping up on Disney's Beauty and the Beast live action movie and taking its places as the tenth most highest grossing film in cinematic history.

The Last Jedi will continue to move up the ladder as it finishes its cinematic run, though there's no certainty how close it will get to the $2 billion gross total that The Force Awakens amassed during its release in 2015. Analysts expected the film to reach $1.6 billion before its cinematic run comes to an end, however The Last Jedi has been underperforming in China, the world's second largest film market.


Though box office analysts say that The Last Jedi's poor performance in the Chinese box office can be attributed to the fact that the country has never been really interested in the Star Wars franchise, some fans might connect it to the divisiveness of the film. The Last Jedi might given the franchise a fresh new course, however more traditional fans have been complaining to no end about the film subverting fan expectations and turning the classic hero that is Luke into a bitter and jaded hermit. It's difficult to please everyone, really.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently screening in cinemas.

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