Star Wars The Last Jedi Director Snaps Back At Fan For Saying The Movie Will Be A Copy Of Empire Strikes Back

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Probably one of the biggest gripes of The Force Awakens is how close it was to the original Star Wars, and how it failed to bring something new and exciting when it came to the story. With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, some fans have started being skeptical about the movie, and have condemned it to be a copy of Empire Strikes Back. Apparently, director Rian Johnson is not having any of it.

Here's what Johnson said to a skeptic fan on Twitter:

Granted, the teaser did give us some similarities to Empire, what with Rey taking up her Jedi training in a remote island and the presence of the next generation AT-ATs in what looks like a Hoth-esque battle; but I believe that Lucasfilm is smart enough to bring in something completely new this time around. You don't keep a franchise alive for 40 years by being dumb.


Hopefully, Rian Johnson knows what he's doing.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out on Dec. 15.

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