Star Wars The Last Jedi: Anthony Daniels Reveals Changes In C-3PO's Suit

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Anthony Daniels had played the role of C-3PO ever since the first Star Wars came out, and he's back as everyone's favorite protocol droid in the sequel trilogy as well. During a panel at Fan Expo Canada (via Space), Daniels talks about being asked back to the role and insisting that he got a new suit for The Force Awakens.

He revealed that when J.J. Abrams first approached him, he was asked if he just wanted to do the voice. Daniels explains:


"He said, ‘Would you just like to do the voice?' And I said, ‘No.' And he said, ‘Quite right.' But I said, ‘I would like a new suit.'"

The changes allow for Daniels to put the suit on faster, making it a lot easier for him to get out after shooting.

"They 3D printed it, which still makes it as heavy as it was, but it means you can make little changes, print it out, try that, and it works better. The head used to take half an hour to put on. Now it goes on—because they changed the way it fits together—in eight seconds, which means I can take it off after each shot."

Daniels then takes time to recall what it has been like to play 3PO after all these years. There have always been stories from behind the scenes where Daniels would feel claustrophobic after being left in the suit, and now he reveals:


"It's not easy for me being in the suit because I'm slightly separated from everybody else. Back in the day, I was basically locked in that suit… to begin with, of course people would just come up to me all the time and say, ‘Gosh, you look fantastic. This is incredible. You are a perfect droid.' Because nobody had seen a costume like this. But after a few days, I had become an object. People forgot I was in there."

Though 3PO's role may not be as big as the original trilogy, a lot of people still appreciate Daniels for being a good sport and being eager to step back into the role. You'd think that he'd grow tired and cranky having to put on the suit after all these years, but it's nice to think that it's been the same man behind the suit after all this time.

Anthony Daniels returns as C-3PO in Star Wars The Last Jedi which hits theaters Dec. 15.

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