Star Wars The Last Jedi: Adam Driver Took His Kylo Role So Seriously He Refused Lunch With Mark Hamill

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We recently got news from the set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi about how intense Adam Driver was when it came to portraying First Order baddie Kylo Ren, and now we get to hear from Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill on just how seriously Driver took the role. Apparently, Driver was method-acting the hell out of the character that he even refused to eat lunch with @HamillHimself.

Talking to Vanity Fair, Mark Hamill said:


"He's very moody and intense… I remember saying to Adam, ‘I don't know how you work, or your technique. But, at some point, you were my nephew. I probably bounced you on my knee. I probably babysat for you. There's that side, and now we're both estranged from the Skywalker family. All I'm suggesting is, if you'd like, maybe we could go to lunch, we could get together and hang out.'"

And like the title of the article has suggested, Driver would not take Hamill up on the offer, and Hamill could only say, "more power to him" when it comes to Driver.

We also know that Hamill isn't the only one to extend his hand to Driver in friendship. Apparently, John Boyega has admitted that he and Daisy Ridley have collaborated together to try and bring more "light to the set," with Boyega randomly giving Driver spontaneous hugs.

And how does Driver take hugs from the traitor Stormtrooper?

"He just stands there," Boyega said. "He just waits for me to be done."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out Dec. 15.

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