14 Jun 2017 6:51 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is An Elaborate Metaphor For J.J. Abrams Forgiving George Lucas For The Prequels

Though Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a highly successful movie, a lot of fans still continue to bash it for being too close to A New Hope, and not really taking any risks. What people didn't realize, however, is that the whole movie is an elaborate metaphor for director J.J. Abrams basically ‘forgiving' George Lucas for the prequel trilogy.

Cracked.com's analysis explains that Lucas' original trilogy was already supposed to symbolize his own journey as a person, with Luke Skywalker standing in as his fictional counterpart. And how does Force Awakens open?

Even Luke's journey in restarting the Jedi Academy and failing can be compared to Lucas trying to make three more Star Wars movies that were considered terrible by the fans. What's more, the First Order is a metaphor for the prequels themselves—First Order as in episodes I, II, and III. They're the only part of the movie to ever reference the prequels, and their leader is a CG character compared to the rest of the movie that had practical alien costumes.


J.J. Abrams was also known to be reluctant in accepting the director job, much like Rey and her refusal of The Force in the beginning of the film. He/She only warms up to the idea of ‘facing their destiny' after some pep talk from wise old woman Kathleen Kennedy/Maz Kanata.

And Finn? He's writer Lawrence Kasdan, who worked on the original trilogy but bailed on the prequels—much like Finn bailing on the First Order.

An in the end, Rey accepts her destiny, and journeys to find Luke Skywalker, ready to be tought.

You can say that this is looking too much into the script, but you have to admit that there are too many coincidences that make total sense. I , for one, think that it's pretty clever, and I actually appreciate Force Awakens a bit more now compared to my initial crticisms of it being too simple.

I don't know how far the metaphor goes for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but I'll happily dissect it once it comes out Dec. 15.

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