Star Wars: The Force Awakens 'A Cinematic Journey' Preview Revealed

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The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray/DVD and digital copies will arrive next month on the 5th and the 1st, respectively. As those dates loom near, there have been several teasers showcasing previews of their contents.

The most recent teaser comes from Good Morning America via the TV show’s official Twitter account. Their tweet showed a preview of what a documentary titled “A Cinematic Journey” in the upcoming The Force Awakens’ copies.

Check it out:

WATCH: Sneak peek at the new behind-the-scenes @StarWars: #TheForceAwakens documentary.
— Good Morning America (@GMA)
March 14, 2016



From the looks of it, A Cinematic Journey is a load of awesome behind-the-scenes footage from the film. Fans will certainly get their money’s worth on this one.


It was announced last week that a documentary feature titled Secrets of The Force Awakens will premiere at the Paramount Theatre SXSW 2016today. Following the documentary, there will be a Q&A portion which will include co-Producer Michelle Rejwan, Visual Effects Supervisor Roger Guyett, and Sound Editor Matthew Wood.