Star Wars: Screaming Citadel Author Teases Secondary Story

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The newest comic in the Star Wars universe, which follows the misadventures of Luke Skywalker and Doctor Aphra in the goth horror-inspired Star Wars: Screaming Citadel, has already enjoyed quite the run in the series.

Its most recent even has seen a lot of surprises, with Luke Skywalker almost becoming the next main course for the Queen of the Screaming Citadel, and it's all because of Doctor Aphra's doing. Now, authors Jason Aaron and Kieron Gillen shared with Marvel the other story that's unfolding in the universe, and it involves the three other characters, Han, Leia, and Sana.

Given that the trio are trying to play catch-up with the pair, readers are confronted with the question of what will happen, particularly with Sana hiding from Han her connection with Aphra.

Gillen shares the reason why she's trying to keep this a secret:

"Because it's deeply embarrassing, for one. Maybe that's the main one; Sana and Han have a complicated relationship, and letting Han know the details would make her never live it down. Of course, Sana is the person who told Aphra where they were. If she hadn't done that, Aphra would have never been able to convince Luke to go with her. The more that Han knows, the more likely he'll piece it together."

Whether or not the current allegiances and alliances amongst the characters will continue or be frayed given the new events, we'll have to know. Doctor Aphra #7 will include The Screaming Citadel on May 31, with the remaining two issues coming to Star Wars #32 on June 14 and Doctor Aphra #8 on June 28.

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