Star Wars: Rivals Announced for Mobile Devices, Better Than Battlefront II?

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It's fair to say that Star Wars Battlefront II went from being an anticipated shooter to a hot mess that only hardcore fans enjoy. While EA Games has tried to do some damage control by taking away in-game purchases (for now), the online shooter's image has been tainted, despite some improvements like a single-player story and free DLC.

Oddly enough, Lucasfilm and Disney haven't given up on the idea of a Star Wars multiplayer shooter, as a new mobile game called Star Wars: Rivalswas announced for iOS and Android. Players will build teams of their favorite characters from the Star Wars universe and take defeat the opposition.


Since it's on mobile, expect this to be a free-to-play game with pay-to-win strategies. It's not yet clear what fans will have to pay for since they will be able to use certain characters right away. Then again, there could be weapons and enhanced versions of characters that can be paid for. Like all mobile games, players will probably be able to grind for certain rewards, it will just take time.

Basically, it's a more honest version of Battlefront II. Does that make it better? Only time will tell.

Android players can pre-register right now on Google Play to get The First Order's Death Troopers for assistance. iOS users can get help from the Special Rebel Forces for a limited time. Star Wars: Rivals has no release date for now.

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