07 Feb 2017 6:07 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars Rebels Voice Actress Tiya Sicar Knew About Sabine’s Story All Along

Star Wars Rebels colorful Mandolorian pilot has been taking center stage recently as the Star Wars animated series continues to explore both Mandalorian myth and history in a couple of new episode centered on Sabine's real backstory. Fans were shocked to learn along with Kanan and the rest of the Ghost Crew in January's Trials of the Darksaber how Sabine had been abandoned by her family after refusing to continue weapon development for the empire.

Now as the series continues the arc with Legacy of Mandalore, Sabine's voice actress Tiya Sicar reveals in an interview with Comic Book another surprise: she had actually known about Sabine's true origin all along.

"At the very beginning, when, I think, Vanessa [Marshall, voice of Hera], Freddie [Prinze, Jr. voice of Kanan], and I had our very first meeting with Dave and had our first recording session, we sat down and basically had a chat about our characters and a little background about each of them and the dynamic between the characters, and I think it was then, which was years ago at this point, he told me some of her ... he told me a version of her backstory," Sircar told ComicBook.com in an interview. "I was so intrigued and he said, 'We're going to get to it, but not just yet. That's going to be over several seasons, hopefully, we'll flesh this out but this is basically what happened to you and why you're here.'"


However, the voice actress had no idea that it would take Star Wars Rebels more than two seasons to get to her origin story, and Sicar wasn't even sure if the rest of her comrades knew about Sabine's story.

"It was this huge, huge secret that I didn't even know if the Ghost crew knew. Only half of that [what she was originally told] is now what was revealed, because it was a different scenario with my family members, or which family members and what happened," Sircar explained, "but the basic storyline about the weapon and who the Empire was going to use the weapon against and that being why I left, and carrying this tremendous guilt; all of that was given to me from the very, very beginning."

Star Wars Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni holds on to secrets pretty well, providing his voice actors what they need to know without giving away too much. What other surprises will we get to see in Rebels next episode? Will Sabine be able to save her people from the Empire in time?

Star Wars Rebels returns with Legacy of Mandalore on February 18 on DisneyXD.

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