Star Wars Rebels Theory Explains How Ahsoka Will Survive in Season 2 Finale

When the highly dramatic and emotional finale trailer of Star Wars Rebels season 2 was released last week, it seemed pretty obvious that Ahsoka Tano is bound to die after her "long-awaited" meeting/showdown with former mentor, Darth Vader. Well, a new Star Wars Rebels theory suggests otherwise.

With season 1 ending with The Grand Inquisitor's death, it's very likely for season 2 to end the same way, but the death at the end doesn't necessarily have to be Ahsoka.

According to a new theory by Dork Side of the Force, while a finale with Ahsoka's death would be the perfect tragic ending, there's a chance that Ahsoka will be able to survive Vader when Darth Maul shows up.

The new theory is based on Darth Maul's curious presence that's been hinted on by Dave Filoni in the past, as well as a season 2 description released earlier this month hinting on an "individual" who plans to kill Vader. It's highly possible that Maul is planning to take his revenge against Emperor Palpatine's latest apprentice.

How will Ahsoka survive? The theory explains:

> Ahsoka and Darth Vader will face off during the season finale.
> When it seems like Ahsoka is about to be killed by Vader, Darth Maul will swoop in and fight the Sith Lord. This isn't to save Ahsoka of course, but it will be for revenge.
> Darth Maul's interruption will give Ahsoka a chance to escape.

Since it's unlikely for Filoni to bring back Maul only to have him killed at the same time, it's possible that Maul will survive his battle with Vader as well. He could also just be given a cameo in season 2 so as not to have him killed. Another reason why Maul won't likely be killed in the finale is because Vader really isn't Maul's nemesis, but Obi Wan Kenobi's, and Rebels can only provide closure between the two if they keep Maul alive after season 2.

That brings us to the question of who will die in Star Wars Rebels season 2 if Ahsoka and Maul will survive. Well, the theory goes on to suggest that the final death will be Captain Rex's. His role in the series reportedly make him unfortunately expendable, though he is a beloved character. He's only appeared in a few episodes and the show's creators hadn't provided him much character development. However, his death would still be emotional enough to Ahsoka and The Ghost crew. If Vader were to finish him off, it would provide more leeway for Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra to develop dark side feelings towards the Sith Lord and more plot development for season 3.

As for possible deaths with a member of the Ghost crew. The theory went on to suggest Ezra as a safe bet, as well as Zeb, who is more comic relief to the show than anything. If he is killed off, then a darker third season is possible. Kanan is also mentioned as a likely bet, since Ezra will lose a master hence becoming more inclined to join the dark side. This would then present Ahsoka with the opportunity to become Ezra's master and a main cast member.

What do you think of this theory to the finale? Which death seems most likely?

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale will air on Wednesday, March 30 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT on Disney XD.

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