Star Wars Rebels Reveals the Actual Chosen One

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For most fans, Anakin Skywalker has always been the Chosen One, especially when you were able to get through the prequel that most diehards tend to rain a little bit of hate on.

However, the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, Twin Suns, has turned this theory on its head. The episode had featured the latest and last face-off on Tatooine, and it had been filled with very solid moments that challenged a lot of theories and even canons.

For starters, Darth Maul is dead following this confrontation. But it's his dying words that has gotten fans talking. That's because he had deliberately and clearly hinted that Darth Vader wasn't the Chosen One.

Before the final battle happens, Maul had correctly surmised that Obi-Wan was protecting someone while he was in Tatooine, which is obviously, Luke. The death itself is a little too fast—don't blink in the video below or you'll miss it—but his words afterwards were very telling:

"Tell me, is he the Chosen One?"

And Obi-Wan responds in the affirmative. Now, this begs the question of whether the balance has truly restored, considering the new threats and conflicts brewing in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And it also casts greater understanding as to where things stood when Anakin had been swayed into the darkness almost completely before a sudden redemption story in the end.


Now, it's interesting see where this will take the next Star Wars movie. This universe has always taken into account the prequels and spinoffs and incorporated them seamlessly, how this will change the tune of the Force, we'll have to see on Dec. 15.

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No Mara Jade coming back to canon.