Star Wars Lego Set Gives Us A Look At A Snowspeeder Variant: The Sandspeeder

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Though Lucasfilm has smartly been keeping a lot of information on Star Wars: The Last Jedi under wraps, a lot of fans have Lego to thank for some really interesting reveals. A new image leaked online of a Lego set gives us a look at a snowspeeder variant, the sandspeeder.

Check it out:


The ship has the basic shape of the classic snowspeeder, but you'll notice that it has some fins on the top that are reminiscent to that of the A-Wing. Though I think this ship won't make an appearance in The Last Jedi¸ it's worth mentioning that there is a setpiece from Jakku in the background. Does this mean we get to come back to the planet eventually?

According to Rebel Scum, the ship was actually a prototype from the old Kenner line of a snowspeeder painted orange and given some different aesthetics. The ship was also added to the EU storyline The Battle of Cadinth, but since that has now been put in Legends, we'll just have to wait and see if the sandspeeder will make its way into the new canon at one point.

Though I prefer the sequel trilogy keep to introducing original ships and vehicles, I admit I can also be a sucker for nostalgia, and seeing some classic snowspeeders rendered in modern VFX would be a real treat for me. With Lucasfilm planning a whole slew of Star Wars movies in the coming years, I can expect ships like the sandspeeder to make an appearance in the movies eventually; and if not the movies, a Star Wars TV series is always a possibility.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out Dec. 15.

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