Star Wars Gets a Glow in the Dark & Holographic Darth Vader Cosbaby

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Don't want Force Friday to end? Here's something to get yourself if you're still raring to go for some franchise.

Hot Toys has announced a new Cosbaby figure, an d it's none other than Darth Vader. Two versions of him, to be exact. The toymaker announced via its official website that

"The most iconic villain in the Star Wars galaxy is getting fresh new looks! As of today Hot Toys is introducing 2 special versions of the stylish and adorable Darth Vader Cosbaby in the Star Wars Cosbaby Bobble-Head series only available in selected markets!"

The Holographic version pretty much looks like Princess Leia or Obi-wan when their respective messages were being transmitted, hologram-style. It has a transparent purple-blue tint that makes him look badass even with that adorable chibi figure.

The Glow in the Dark Version changes from a milky blue statue to a glowing greenish tinge when plunged in the dark. It's the perfect way to invite you into the Dark Side without scaring you off. Even his menacing clenched fist pose looks too adorable.

Each Darth Vader Cosbaby figure is around 11cm tall. It's a bobble-head function and has its own stand for those who want to show him off in the office or in your room.

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