Star Wars Games Available For Cheap in New Humble Bundle

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If you love Star Wars games, you will love The Humble Store's latest bundle.

For a minimum price of $1, you get the first tier of the Humble Bundle, which is offered from now until March 14, and includes Steam keys for Rebellion, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, Star Wars: X-Wing vs TIE Fighter — Balance of Power Campaigns and Star Wars Galactic Battleground Saga, as well as 10 percent off Humble Monthly.

And if you pay more than the average price, currently at a flat $6, you can get X-Wing Special Edition, TIE Fighter Special Edition, Knights of the Old Republic, Knights of the Old Republic 2, and a coupon for 75 percent off of a single purchase of up to three Star Wars games available in the Humble Store, excluding the ones in the bundle.


Want more for your bucks? For $9.99, you get Lego Star Wars — The Complete Saga and Star Wars Empire of War — Gold Pack, and for $34.99, you can get the entire bundle of games as well as a limited edition T-shirt.

All the games are redeemable on Steam. Buyers at any tier can decide which charity their purchase supports. The choices include Disney Interactive and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

A lot of these games made it to our Top 30 Best Star Wars Games of All Time, so check out these great deals before they're gone. Christmas just came too early for Star Wars gamers.