25 Nov 2015 4:13 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Out Now For iOS and Android

Electronic Arts has acquired the rights to make Star Wars video games, and that means they are going to milk the franchise as much as they can. EA just released a free-to-play game called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for iOS and Android mobile devices, which tasks players with collecting and battling with various Star Wars characters.

I typically don't play mobile games unless I'm taking a long trip somewhere, but Galaxy of Heroes actually doesn't look too bad. The game features RPG-style turn-based combat, and looks like it lets you customize your team and combat style to your liking. The release trailer for the game shows various characters such as Darth Maul and Boba Fett being assembled and leveled up for battle. And it looks like iconic abilities such as Force Lightening will factor into your battle strategy.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is free-to-play, which could be a red flag, since in my experience there is usually a catch. Perhaps the microtransaction store will feature game-winning items or instant level boosts, but we'll have to try the game and see. To get a feel for what Galaxy of Heroes is like, check out the release video below!