16 Jan 2017 7:26 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars Fans Can Finally Watch Chewbacca Rip Unkar Plutt's Arm Off

Never mess with a Wookiee or they'll rip your arm, and now we have proof.

One of the deleted scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens shows Unkar Plutt confronting Rey in Maz Kanata's castle in Takodana after she and Finn stolle the Millennium Falcon in Jakku. Of course, Chewie arrives on time just to defend a friend, and beats Unkar up by ripping his arm out of his socket. This footage was first teased in 2016 ahead of The Force Awakens' 3D Collector's Edition release in November, but the full version with the brutal arm pulling was just released to the public. 

Watch the clip below:

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