Star Wars Fan Chokes His Wife To Death After She Smashed Up His Collection

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[UPDATE: Yikes! As it turns out, this news came out back in 2012. It's still worth a read though.]

There are crazy fan boys, and there are crazy fan boys. News has just come out that a 30-year-old Star Wars fan had murdered his wife after she purposefully smashed up his collection of memorabilia.

According to Mirror, Rickie La-Touche strangled his wife Pornpilai Srisroy, 28, after she damaged his Star Wars collection worth thousands of pounds. La-Touche has said to have started his collection when he was still very little, and his wife's decision to destroy it was part of her mission to "make his life hell."


The couple was said to have been married since 2003, and after a violent row on the morning of April, La-Touche arrived at his mother's house saying that he "killed her."

Now La-Touche has been sentenced for murder and he'll be serving a minimum of 12 years in jail.

Now I'm a collector myself, and I couldn't think of anyone doing anything to my collection that might cause me to murder them. But still, I understand how obsessed collectors can get with their things, and seeing as La-Touche had been collecting since he was a child, it would have been devastating to see that his wife destroyed something that precious to him. Broken bones can heal but limited edition memorabilia is limited edition and expensive as hell.

Then again, no collection is worth someone's life. Hopefully this opens eyes for collectors and non-collectors who live with them.

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