Star Wars Episode VIII Similar to Star Wars Episode V, Says Kylo Ren Actor

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The cast and crew have been keeping the narrative behind Star Wars: Episode VIII under tight wraps, that even the title hasn't been revealed this far in the game.

However, there are a few glimpses of what's happening in the set, and Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver has given some hints as to how the next installment of the series is like. Speaking to Collider, Driver compared the new movie based on its script to a very familiar film.

"It's great. It's similar to how The Empire Strikes Back has a different tone… it's just different in tone in a way that I think is great and necessary but also very clear."


This may be addressing other fans' fears that the start of the new trilogy has been a little too safe. Of course, there is that one death that surprises us at the end, but the good thing about this is that writer-director Rian Johnson will be delivering some more nuance and ambiguity for the next movie.

Hopefully, this suggests that there will be a little more detail as far as how the progress of the story goes.

For Driver, it seems that the story is just ramping up, and that means double the efforts as far as his acting goes. Driver did state that while the stakes seem to be higher this time around, he is also focusing his efforts on acting the role in the best way possible

"It's not my job to worry about the bigger picture or what it means to try to appease a certain group of people. It's my job to read the script, be prepared, and be generous to the other people that I'm acting with in order to tell the best version of the story that Rian came up with."

Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to premiere in theaters on Dec. 15, 2017. For those who want more Star Wars fix can check out Rogue One: A Star Wars Story debuting in theaters on Dec. 16.

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