Star Wars: Episode VIII Reportedly Filming Near San Jose, California

We've seen Star Wars: Episode VIII film in several spots in Europe. Now, it looks like production of the Rian Johnson film will be taking place in the United States.

According to multiple reports (via Daily News 11), a part of Episode VIII will be filmed outside of San Jose, California and that the location will be a planet never before seen in any of the previous Star Wars films.

It's also been reported that Johnson himself chose the said location. He will reportedly be recruiting a massive amount of extras from San Jose and the surrounding area during the shoot in the location.

In the reports, it's been detailed how one of the major reasons that Johnson chose to film in California is that the state has started providing significant incentives to production companies that would film there.

Lucasfilm has recently been given £20m tax credit support as part of UK's filming incentive support programme for Rogue One's production in the country, so the incentives being the reason for Episode VIII filming in California may not be far from the truth.

Episode VIII filming in California is expected to begin sometime next year.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is slated for release on December 15, 2017.

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