‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Could Have Something in Common

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New word on the Star Wars grapevine is that the next film in the new trilogy, Star Wars: Episode VIII, will be filmed in a very fascinating location.

According to Making Star Wars, which first reported the rumor, Star Wars: Episode VIII will likely film in Dubrovnik, Croatia later this year. The site claims that they were able to gather the info after several others hinted at the same location.


If the rumors are true, then the franchise will be following the lead of the popular HBO hit series, Game of Thrones.

Dubrovnik, Croatia is more commonly known to GOT fans as King's Landing. According to George R. R. Martin's novels, it's the capital of the Seven Kingdoms located on the east coast of Westeros.

MSW said that not only is the location pleasing to the eyes, it's also the perfect shooting location since it offers tax breaks as well as incentives to new productions.

Located in southern Croatia with the Adriatic Sea front, the city of Dubrovnik is popular for its unique Old Town sights which has huge stone walls and well-preserved Renaissance structures dating way back to the 16th century.

Right now there isn't a lot known about how Director Rian Johnson will use Croatia in Star Wars: Episode VIII. It really isn't that big of a news, but if it is true, there's a lot of possibilities for its use.

It could be Luke Skywalker's planet of hiding, Ach-To, but then again we also have the tiny Irish isle of Skellig in The Force Awakens. It might be the place where he wants to train Rey.

In any case, it would be exciting to see Dubrovnik when Episode VIII debuts on December 15, 2017

Like any other rumor, take this with a grain of salt. Neither Lucasfilm nor Disney has commented on the hearsay.