Star Wars: Episode IX Screenwriter Sues Tinder Girl Friend For Break-Up Black Mail

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Break-ups are never easy, not even for people close to The Force.

According to a report by TMZ, Star Wars: Episode IX screenwriter Derek Connolly is having a terribly rough break up with his ex-girlfriend. The Star Wars writer is suing his former partner, Ada Hui, claiming that she had been attempting to ruin his career.

Apparently, Hui, the girl who he had first met on Tinder was trying to get back at him by posting their text messages on Instargam and expose revealing conversations to the public. She also threatened Conolly with a scene from Entourage, saying that the writer had to drop all her things at a specific time or else she'd go all Tequila and Coke, a story in the HBO series in which Ari Gold gets blackmailed.

Conolly is now officially suing Hui for stalking and invastion of privacy. The Star Wars screenwriter has also reportedly requested the presiding judge to order his former girlfriend to stop with all the blackmail.

Though its rational to separate the Star Wars creative team's work from the member's personal lives, Hui's blackmail material may ruin Conolly's reputation and dampen fans perception of him and his work on the upcoming Last Jedi sequel. Hopefully things settle down for the Episode IX writer.

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