Star Wars Episode IX: Domhnall Gleeson Wants More Hux Comedy

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Fans have had a mixed reaction to Domhnall Gleeson's General Hux from the more recent Star Wars films. While he barely had a personality in The Force Awakens, he was later turned into a joke during The Last Jedi, which some enjoyed and others hated.

Still, it looks like Gleeson himself had a good time filming his comedic scenes. While he's still unsure about his status in Star Wars: Episode IX, the actor does want to do more jokes at the expense of Hux if he's in it.


During an interview with Radio Times, Gleeson clarified that he's still unsure about his Episode IX status whilst discussing the character. That being said, he was pleasantly surprised with the comedy Hux partook in and wants to do more of it, assuming he's in the next film. Considering how much comedic material can be taken from Hux and Kylo Ren's interactions, J.J. Abrams should consider bringing him back.

"I wasn't expecting [Hux's comedy] to be the way it went in VIII, at all. It really surprised me. And I'd say rather than played for laughs, it was written for laughs. We did it with an eye on the comic elements of it… I have no idea what direction he'll [Abrams] take it in, or even if he'll use me. So I'm hoping that if I'm in the next one, I'll get to do [some more comedy]."

No matter how anyone feels about Hux, it would be a shame if he was killed off-screen or just never mentioned in the last film of the current Star Wars trilogy. Granted, some would say that Snoke shouldn't have been killed the way he was during The Last Jedi but there's no crying over spilled milk.

Star Wars Episode IX comes out on December 20, 2019.

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