Star Wars: Episode IX Director Feels Weight Of Helming Final Sequel Trilogy Film

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Though Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to release a trailer for The Last Jedi, the studios have both begun working on the next sequel trilogy installment with a location and production date for Star Wars: Episode IX.

However, while it seems like initial work on the next Star Wars project seems to be going on smoothly, director Colin Trevorrow can't help but feel the weight of the task assigned to him. Being the helmsman to lead fans into the very last installment of the Star Wars saga's sequel trilogy can be quite a burden to bear, especially since Trevorrow has to deal with the loss of the legendary Carrie Fisher the most.

In an interview with MTV (via Express), Trevorrow revealed how much effort he and his team are putting into the film.

"So I go there in the afternoon. We're writing and designing and there is a draft and we're throwing 110% of our souls into it," he told MTV. "So there will be nothing left of me when I'm done."

"I think about it in the context of three films, six films, nine films and one film. It's a lot," he adds.

It must be difficult for Trevorrow given that there's a lot of expectation being put into the final Star Wars sequel trilogy film. Hopefully the Jurassic World director will be able to pull it off and give us an amazing Star Wars movie to cap off the new trilogy.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is scheduled for release on Dec. 15 while Star Wars: Episode IX is set for May 23, 2019.

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