Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine Wins City Council Seat in Ukraine

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Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine Photo: Lucasfilm

The Force is awakening in Ukraine!

First, we've seen the statue of Lenin


transformed into Darth Vader

; then, we saw a

Wookiee get arrested

at the polling station. And now, the Dark Side claimed victory in Ukraine when a man going by name of

Star Wars

villain Emperor Palpatine claimed a seat of Odessa city council.



ccording to a mayoral candidate's Facebook Post

, Palpatine Dmitry, 25, won 54.4 percent of the votes in Sunday's mayoral election in Odessa.

The election's ballot also included Yoda, a Darth Vader, a Padme Amidala, and a Chewbacca. At least Palpatine is one of the two with governmental experience.