22 Mar 2018 2:37 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Did Kylo Ren Save Leia During An Assassination Attempt in Bloodline?

Though Ben Solo had killed his father in The Force Awakens, he clearly couldn't do the deed in The Last Jedi. As it turns out, this isn't the only time that Ben has saved the life of his mother, and new speculation has come out that he's responsible for saving Leia during the ‘Napkin Bomb' incident in the Star Wars: Bloodline book.

As per Bryan Young on Star Wars Explained, the ‘Napkin Bomb' incident was an assassination attempt on Leia in the book. Leia was about to sit and have a breakfast meeting with her fellow senators when she spotted a napkin on her table with the handwritten word, ‘Run' on it.

As per the book, nobody in the Star Wars universe writes anymore. Here's the actual passage from the book:

Actual writing. Virtually nobody wrote any longer; it had been years since Leia had seen actual words handwritten in ink on anything but historical documents. But today, someone had left this message on here plate, only one word long. RUN.

This incident was said to have been thought up by Last Jedi director Rian Johnson himself before he even started work on the movie, and in TLJ, it's been confirmed that one of Ben Solo's hobbies back during his Jedi training days was calligraphy. The visual guide confirms this, and you can even see his calligraphy set on the table before he grabs his lightsaber during his flashback involving Luke.


It's also worth noting that Bloodline takes place six years before The Force Awakens, but it's still unclear whether Ben Solo had already fallen to the Dark Side by the time of the incident.


For now this is just speculation, but seeing that it was Rian Johnson's idea, it would be an interesting layer to Kylo Ren's character. Now that he's Supreme Leader of the First Order, it's very curious how J.J. Abrams plans to cap off his arc.

Star Wars Episode IX comes out Dec. 20, 2019.

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