Star Wars Day Perks For Battlefront, The Old Republic, and Galaxy of Heroes Announced

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Star Wars Day, May the 4th, is almost here, and since Electronic Arts is heavily invested in the Star Wars franchise, the videogame publisher decided to offer gamers some perks to celebrate the annual occasion.

According to Gamespot, Star Wars: Battlefront players can get a free bundle of 4,444 credits. All players have to do is log in. Hutt Contract will also be available for players, which adds a bounty system for the game. You can try the game for free on PC with the free 4-hour trial.


For players of Old Republic, you can play Knight of the Fallen Empire expansion for free, all the way up until May 30. Players who log in before May 4 will be eligible to recieve an M4-16 Zakuulan Astromech Droid mini-pet as shown here:

And Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes gamers are eligible for a 25% discount on crystals, and during the time-frame of April 30 to May 5, there will be a list of modes that offer double rewards.

These are great deals for Star Wars gamers, and it looks like EA is doing their best to change their reputation of being a DLC-focused money-grabbing company.

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