Star Wars Celebration-Exclusive Murder Droids & More Figures Revealed

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The Star Wars Celebration is not just about a lot of stars from the franchise, freebies, and fan gathering events. It's also about a lot of sweet Star Wars merchandise.

Recently announced is the Kotobukiya figures that showcase the murder droids in the Star Wars universe via the Doctor Aphra comics. Over its official website, the offer is a combo featuring Triple Zero and BT-1.

"A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Activated by Doctor Aphra and under the service of Darth Vader, the assassin Droids known as 0-0-0 (Triple Zero) & BT-1 appear for the first time in the ARTFX+ series! programmed in the art of "etiquette and torture," this dastardly duo wreaks havoc (and incinerations) across the galaxy!
Triple Zero stands just over 6 12 inches tall while BT-1 stands 4 12 inches tall in 1/10 ARTFX+ scale. Magnets in their feet provide the perfect stability on the included metal display bases. As with other Celebration exclusives, this release also includes a special commemorative collector's coin. And as an extra special bonus to this set only, a 10" x 8" print is included in the box with exclusive artwork by acclaimed artist Adi Granov!"

Like other Star Wars Celebration 2017 exclusives, the preorder on the website is for those who cannot attend the event. This offer joins other exclusive items for the event, including R4-M9, R5-D4, R2-X2, as well as a number of special bundles worth checking out.

Star Wars Celebration 2017 will be held from April 13 to 16 at the Orange County Convention Center.

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