Star Wars Battlefront's 'Outer Rim' DLC Trailer Teases A Bunch of New Content

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DICE and Electronic Arts will release a bunch of DLC's for Star Wars Battlefront this year. The newest DLC, titled Outer Rim, will include two new heroes, four new maps, and a new Extraction mode. Electronic Arts just released a new trailer showing us the two new maps, Sullust and Tatooine, with a ton of footage from the Jabba's Palace map. We see Greedo and Nien Numb, and a glimpse of the Extraction mode. Watch the gameplay trailer below: 


There may be a lot of new content in this DLC, but it still doesn't offer what fans really want: space dogfights and campaign mode. The Jabba's Palace looks like a fun place to play though. 

Outer Rim will be available for Star Wars Battlefront season pass holders for March 22.