Star Wars Battlefront II: Return of the Microtransactions

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Fans who have been enjoying their time with Star Wars Battlefront II despite the controversy are in for some polarizing news. EA has confirmed that microtransactions would be returning to the multiplayer shooter in the next few months, the cause for all the game's problems. While EA has lowered the price for characters and has fixed a few things, it's still far from perfect.

Sarah E. Needleman from the Wall Street Journal covered the announcement. No exact date was given for the in-game purchases but it would be happening in a few months. With the game already making money for EA, though failing to reach the target of US$10 million, this seems like a natural progression. Plus, EA did state that they would be returning since in-game purchases were only temporarily removed.

EA blames the controversy for not reaching the target sales, as well as the various complaints made during the game's open beta. Considering how ludicrous some of the character prices were, it's hard to blame the fans for retaliating. Hopefully, the publisher learns its lesson and balances the game more in the future.

DICE, the game's developer, has promised plenty of new content for Star Wars Battlefront II, so invested players have that to look forward to. The game is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, so curious gamers can pick it up now.

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