12 Dec 2017 4:29 PM +00:00

Star Wars Battlefront II Gets Honest Game Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II was one of the most anticipated games of the year, but it all turned out to be a PR nightmare after players did the math and realized that the progression system was somehow made to make them lose money. Smosh Games has given us an Honest Trailer for the game, and it pulls no punches at EA.

Check it out:

From the studio that took everything fun about the Star Wars franchise and turned them into microtransactions, this is Star Wars Battlefront II!


EA has admittedly dropped the ball when it came to the game and its microtransactions because the developers at DICE have tried their best to make it feel more complete than the first Battlefront. With over 200 percent more content and a single player campaign, it was a recipe for success, but the corporate greed seems to have gotten fans so upset that EA’s stock prices were actually affected.

For now, EA has pulled the microtransactions from the game, but players still think that the progression system is awfully slow. Hopefully they can work out the kinks soon, because the game does look pretty amazing.


Star Wars Battlefront II is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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