27 Feb 2017 10:41 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Dev Teases Progress & Plans

DICE already has a pretty hefty Star Wars titles in its hands with Star Wars Battlefront. And while the original title had a few missteps that was met with critics, proper adjustments and expansions that followed proved that Star Wars Battlefront is a game franchise that can be built on within the fan base.

One big change that the developer has been teasing for the sequel is that it will have a single-player campaign, which the original sorely lacked. While we haven't heard a great deal of progress in as far as developments for the sequel game is concerned, a recent tweet from Randy Evans, Senior Video Editor and Media Director/Editor at EA DICE has hinted a potentially big step in the right direction.

"Today we [are] off to do some mocap for a very big upcoming trailer. @Floppy_Ragdoll (Luke Matthews) seen here pondering the ways of the force."

Even without the mention of Star Wars Battlefront 2 have a big feeling that the teaser was pertaining to the sequel. The timing would also be good, with two more months still in the horizon before the Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando arrives.


A trailer is a great way to get fans hyped for the sequel, and that's definitely one way to keep fans' interest in the game at the event. After all, fans are also expecting another kind of trailer to arrive, one that supposedly brings more glimpses of Luke Skywalker for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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