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Star Wars A New Hope Actor Alfie Curtis Passes Away

Star Wars' Cornelius Evazan actor, Alfie Curtis, has just passed away at the age of 87.

Though Dr. Evazan's name might not immediately ring any bells, Star Wars fans might remember Roofoo from A New Hope where the outlaw threatens Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in the Cantina.

Remember when Luke accidentally bumped into Ponda Baba in the Cantina and a mutilated human came in between them to tell the young Force user that he best be careful because they were wanted men with a death sentence on twelve systems?

That was Cornelius Evazan, the intimidating Cantina actor played b Curtis. Though Obi-Wan (Alec Guinness) does his best to calm things down, Baba just wouldn't let Luke go, and Evazan's friend ended up losing his hand. Evazan and Baba might not have had the most screen time in the Star Wars saga, however, it's hard to forget the scene, and a lot of books and content from the Star Wars extended universe have helped add color to the outlaws.

Evazan and Baba also made a short appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars story, bumping into Jyn Erso ( Felicity Jones) and Captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) on Jedha. It was a quick little scene, but fans loved the cameo appearance of the outlaws.

Aside from playing Evazan, Curtis has also appeared in films like Take It Or Leave It and The Elephant Man.

Lucasfilm's latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, is currently screening in cinemas.

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