Star War Rebels’ Grand Admiral Thrawn Promises Destruction in New Teaser

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Everyone already knows that Grand Admiral Thrawn will be making an official debut as The Big Bad in Star Wars Rebels.

Now, in a new teaser for the third season, we get to hear how he sounds as the villainous strategist bent on plotting destruction. Who knew the enemy would sound as unnerving and disquieting as Lars Mikkelsen?


Seen below, his creeping quiet voice in the background, narrating the demise of the heroes—by their own hand, nonetheless—gives Thrawn an even more daunting persona from the shadows.

While the canon fans may not see him as a big threat, the fact that the rebels are facing him just now goes to show how Bad this Big Bad can be. Grand Admiral Thrawn has always been known as the cold tactician. Those red eyes that starkly contrast his icy blue skin isn’t for show, I guess.

But what makes him a more intimidating enemy is that he sees the battle from a vantage point that only he knows and perhaps even enjoys.

“War. I study the art of war. To defeat an enemy, you must know them. I will pull the Rebels apart piece by piece. They’ll be the architects of their own destruction.”

That’s what he says while looking at his diabolical plan to destroy the Rebels. Intersperse that with the rebels seeing one defeat after another lets you know that Thrawn will be keeping his promise to become the biggest threat to the Rebels to date.




Star Wars Rebels will premiere with its third season on Sept. 24 on Disney XD.

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