Star Trek: Discovery Is Going To Take Cues From The Original Series In Season 2

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Star Trek: Discovery might have given a new flavor the Star Trek franchise, but now it looks like the television show's going to take a few cues from the 1960's Star Trek: The Original Series for its second season on CBS All Access.

Speaking to fans at this year's Wonder Con 2018 (via Comic Book) Discovery showrunners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts both reveal that their Star Trek series is actually going to turn to The Original Series for a more nostalgic direction in its second season run.


"This was an interesting season because it was set against the backdrop of war. One of the things that we are looking forward to in season two is a tone that we can now be in a more of an exploratory phase, a more diplomatic phase, maybe a bit more of a ‘Trekian' chapter of this."

The Star Trek franchise's always been about exploring the reaches of space and heading to places that have never been explored before, but the first season of Discovery put fans in the heart of a catastrophic war. Now after receiving mixed reviews from fans, it seems like Discovery's decided to return to its roots.

Star Trek: Discovery doesn't have a season 2 return date just yet but we'll let everyone know as soon as we get word.

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