Star Trek Beyond Commemorates Blu-Ray Announcement with Deleted Scene

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Come next month, Star Trek Beyond fans can look forward to re-watching the third installment of the movie franchise reboot.

As with any movie debuting on Blu-ray and digital, there will be slews of deleted scenes and bloopers coming. And for Star Trek Beyond, it will include tributes to Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin.

USA Today got an exclusive on a deleted scene, which shows Captain James Kirk (Chris Pine) trying to get one of his team members for a drink. Sadly, even with Keenser, he has no luck and just gets sneezed on.


Other features that fans can expect of the home version release will include an hour's worth of bonus content, such as featurettes, a gag reel, a get-to-know spot for Krall, and a Dolby Atmos soundtrack remix, IGN reported.

Depending on where you will get the Blu-ray set, there are some nice retail exclusive bonuses that you can check out.

There's a Walmart-exclusive Blu-ray Giftset that has three ships. These are the USS Enterprise, USS Franklin, and Swarm Ships. For Target buyers, you can get the Collectible Packaging, and the bonus disc which has interchangeable character art packaging. For Best Buy, the bonus is a SteelBook packaging with exclusive art.

Star Trek Beyond will be out on digital on Oct. 4. Those who are looking to get the Blu-ray and DVD copies will need to wait a little longer for its release on Nov. 1.

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