Star Citizen Gameplay Demo Released, Focuses on Details to Deliver a New Experience

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Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games is showing off version 3.0 of the game at Gamescom. Roberts Space Industries seem to be bent on delivering an experience that will set it apart from current space exploration contender, No Man’s Sky.

The developer has released a new gameplay demo, seen below. The details in the demo are astounding, which appears to be one of the tenets that the developer is going for.


Game Director Chris Roberts spoke at Gamescom (via GameSpot) and shared that the goal was to ensure that, even with a massive space exploration ambition, details are very much important.

Star Citizen is set to deliver not just space exploration but also fights, trading, and shooting. And like No Man’s Sky, it aims to deliver a seamless experience, just as you would if ever you get a chance to explore, fight, and trade in space.

Furthermore, these details are not just in landscapes—though the gameplay demo shows a lot of that. These can also be seen in way that they will deliver each planet. While Star Citizen’s goal is just limited to 100 solar systems with roughly five planets each, the creators are trying to ensure that each visit is worth the exploration.

“But the coolest thing it does, to me, is that seamless transition between the planet and space. We're aiming for that seamlessness, too. Once you exit the atmosphere, we want you already thinking about where you'll head next… Exploring on its own can be great. But we're trying to create something else. Something human in you needs something more to connect to. That's what we're looking for.”

Going back to the demo, it shows the player going on a mission. The ship itself is already impressive, but the way that the game transitions from walking to the ship, boarding it, flying into space, and landing to the desired planet is just seamless.




Star Citizen is coming to the PC and Linux. The Update 3.0 is expected sometime later this year, though the game is still ongoing.

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