Stan Lee Talks About His Favorite MCU Cameo

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Be it a Marvel movie from Sony, Fox, or Marvel Studios, Stan "The Man" Lee has made cameos for all of them, and after years of popping up briefly in these films, Stan Lee comes out with which scene was his favorite to shoot.

Talking to SYFY Wire, Lee reveals that his favorite cameo was his appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron where he played an old war veteran. He explains:


"Oh yeah, my favorite is when I'm drinking with Thor in the second Avengers movie. When I was with him at the bar and he was drinking a strong drink from Asgard. And I told him, ‘Hey, let me have a sip. And he says, 'No, it's too strong for you.' I'm like, 'C'mon!' So I take a sip, and the next scene, they're carrying me out. The reason that one is my favorite of the ones I've done is that it's the one cameo I've done that has two scenes. I figure that's making me more of an actor. Pretty soon I'll have three scenes then I'll have four, and before you know it, I'll be starring in a movie."

With Lee's old age, Marvel Studios has already taken measures to prepare for Lee's future appearances in the MCU. He was said to have shot a handful with GOTG director James Gunn, and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of Stan well after Marvel Phase 3 ends.

Some fans are even suggesting that Marvel do a complete scan of Lee now, so they can digitally insert him in Marvel movies till the end of time. Judging by fan reaction to CGI Tarkin and Leia in Rogue One, Marvel may want to hold on to those scans till the technology is perfected.


The next MCU movie in line is Thor: Ragnarok, and we can probably expect a Stan Lee cameo then. The movie hits theaters Nov. 3.

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