Stan Lee Showed Up in Jeopardy to Give Clues in A Category About Himself

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Last week, Stan Lee turned 95, and he celebrated with his latest cameo in Jeopardy.

An entire category was dedicated to Stan Lee, "The Master of Comics", as host Alex Trabek calls him. Lee provided clues about himself to the contestants, and I'm sure any hardcore Marvel fan would find them easy.

The first clue Lee delivered was: "In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, I revealed that the superhero I would most like to be is this one, because he's rich, handsome, glamorous, the women love him & he's got boats & planes & an iron costume--man!"

Of course, the question was "Who is Iron Man or Tony Stark?"

His second clue was "In my first published comic book story back in 1941, I introduced this character's famous shield throw, which he still employs today." The question was: "Who is Captain America?"

His final clue: "In 1961, I teamed up with Jack Kirby & told the story of this group of astronauts who gained superpowers after being bombarded by cosmic rays." The question: "Who is the Fantastic Four?"


Lee recently lost $300,000 in his bank account.

Expect him to have more cameos in Marvel films coming this year.